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Dubai Prawdziwe Dziewczyny WhatsApp Numery kontaktowe: After passing her 12th standard with flying colors she got admitted to a medical college of Dubai United Arab Emirates. Jej wyniki były na tyle wysokie, aby zdobyć jej stypendium, które ona naprawdę zasługiwał, więc rodzice nie muszą ponosić kosztów edukacyjnych studiów medycznych. She just want to affair with any muslim boy on whatsapp group or online social media.

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Salma is cute young girl, who belong to very rich family in Dubai. Her aim to flurt guys on whastapp mobile number, therefore she have many whatsapp number of boys. Salma was a talented lady and Jack of all traits; she was not only a brilliant student but a good photographer, a well versed debater and a singer too. She did not bunk a single class and participated in most of the extra-curricular activities to earn extra credits. She participated in photography competitions and won handsome amount as prize which she gave to her parents so that she could share their financial load.

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Salma is studying in Dubai medical college and next she will diploma on detal health care. Due to a road accident her father lost his right arm and was fired from his job. She took the responsibility of providing all the finances needed for her brothers professional education and for all the needs of her family. She specialized in cardiology and is running a small heart care hospital.

Nazwa: Faiqa

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