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인도 WhatsApp에 여자는 WhatsApp에 휴대 전화 번호를 온라인으로 우정과 데이트를 사용하여 여자와 남자의 큰 숫자가 있기 때문에이 나라 곳곳에 주로 유명한 여자입니다. 그 뜻은, 그녀는 부시 뛰는 소녀 아니다, but goes to the straight point without the fear of anyone. Moreover, she also has limited list of friends, which shows that she is not the one who chooses everyone as her friend, but one has to earn her trust and interest via brain and intelligence to gain her friendship.

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As an introvert, she does not show her personal life on her timeline, which shows her reserve nature. However, her hobbies are shown via the pages, she liked on her profile. Her hobbies are reading good books, travelling to the historical places, writing reviews of the books and describing motivating quotes which can improve herself and others. The books, she likes are mostly based on self-improvement, travelogues and historical books.

이름: Avanika

시티: 뭄바이

이메일 주소: avanikasharma11@gmail.com

Religion: Hindu


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