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It libben is útdaagjend foar it hiele folk gjin saak wat is harren sosjale status of famylje eftergrûn deselde wie it gefal mei in moaie en sterke famke dy't brûkt om wenje yn in lyts doarpke of Haryana Indien. Hja wie de âldste fan trije Siblings fan in earme famylje. The only positive thing in her life was the education all three kids were getting from a government girls school. When Shilpa was in class eight her mother passed away due to cancer but she continue the friendship with girls and boys on whatsapp. Here we share the real Indian whatsapp mobile number for friendship and dating. That was a shattering moment for the whole family but the younger kids got busy in their life pretty soon .Being a sensitive young lady she had to make a tough decision of quitting school.

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After leaving school she started taking care of the whole family and especially her father. Shilpa used to help her siblings with their studies. Both her brothers were intelligent students and Shilpa’s mother wanted them to acquire professional education. Shilpa was determined to do anything to make her mother’s dream come true. One night after preparing dinner, when Shilpa was waiting for her father who was a taxi driver, a policeman came and told her that her father has passed away in a road accident.

From that very moment the 18 years old Shilpa started playing the role of both mother and father for her brothers. She learned driving and started driving her father’s taxi. Time passed by and one of her brothers became a doctor and the other an engineer. As soon as her brothers started working they told their sister to stop driving taxi. Quite secretly her brothers started searching for a good match for their sister and luckily found a professor who was looking for a match.

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Shilpa’s brothers married her off with the professor and they are now living happily.

Namme: Shilpa

Stêd: Mumbai India

E-postadres: shilpashettyhung@gmail.com

whatsapp Number:

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