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Aceline is a native French girl who is 19 years old and lives in the famous city Paris of France. Aceline is a ;passionate girl , whenever she thinks of starting to do something she gets involved in it and does not let go of it unless she is completely satisfied. Being a 19 year old young girl living in one the most visited and the most famous cities of the world Aceline always have had more exposure towards life in general. Ever since a little girl Aceline beautiful girl had made friends with tourists from all over the world. Aceline and her family lived in the outskirts of Paris when Aceline was a little girl, later they all moved to the city. Paris, the city of love, is the hometown of Aceline and she falls in love with it every time she opens her eyes in the morning.

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France girls Aceline is an only child of her parents, they are a total of 3 members of the family. Aceline’s family is a financially mediocre part of the society. Her father owns a a famous French restaurant on the streets of Paris. The restaurant is famous across Paris for the delicious French cuisines it offers, it attracts various tourists from all over the world. Despite all the attractions of the restaurant Aceline is reluctant to work at her father’s restaurant. Due to her presence at the restaurant Aceline meets new tourists every day and becomes good friends with the for the time that they are staying in Paris.

Meeting new people from various nation across the world excites Aceline. Her friendships with new people of different countries made her interested in the world. She is always intrigued to know what the world outside Paris looks like. Aceline’s passion and anxiousness to explore the rest of the world has led her to visit new places. Aceline plans to travel the whole world. Aceline is now a huge fan of the world, she has traveled across Europe , no city, state, village, shire of Europe has been left by Aceline. After exploring Europe Aceline has become a lover of the world and is strongly passionate about saving the earth.

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Name: Aceline

City: Paris France

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