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Ada is a smart and pretty girl who belong to Berlin , Germany. Germany is Ada’s home town in fact Ada’s family and its forefathers has been living in Berlin for centuries. Ada is a true German in the nation. She is proud to be a pure German and does not ever want to leave the country for any purpose. Ada is proud of her heritage. Ada and her family have always been the opulent, wealthy people who have lead a luxurious life forever. Ada lives in a large, fancy mansion in Berlin with tens of maids , butlers and other servants serving her and her family. Ada’s father is a giant business man who owns several real estates across Berlin and has also inherited the real estates from their fore fathers.

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Being a part of such an affluent family and having a rich heritage makes Ada a very bratty girl. Ada is a very friendly girl and loves to socialize with people but she only socializes with a few people who according to her belong to a similar societal class as her. Ada is quite an arrogant person and thinks really high of herself and share her whatsapp number for chat and friendship. Being so rich and also being proud on her purely German background Ada does not really like a lot of people. She usually thinks that all other people who do not have a pure German heritage are not good enough or do not belong here.

Because of Ada’s bratty personality she does not really likes to study, she finds no interest in gaining more, higher education. Ada completed her high school 2 years ago and since then she has involved herself in other random activities such as travelling, shopping, tea parties, hangouts or other high class social gatherings. Ada loves to keep her beauty maintained. For these purposes she visits several beauty clinics quite often, spends huge sums of money on expensive clothing brands and other related brands just so she can look more beautiful and could stand out of the “ ordinary “ crowd.

All these efforts do make Ada look gorgeous, with her golden blonde hair, tall figure, a wise sense of fashion and sleek facial features.

Name: Ada

City: Berlin Germany

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