Adityi from Pune Girl Origional Whatsapp Girl Mobile Number

Mr. and Mrs. Mehra have been living together for five years but not yet been blessed with children of their own. As Mr. mehra’s family was the typical Indian male chauvinist family they used to call Shalini the wife of Mr. mehra infertile and used to curse her for spoiling the life of their son. She took every treatment even the most painful ones to just to be able to bear a child and remove the infertility stigma from her life. When she was about to lose hope all of a sudden Mrs. mehra came to know that she was pregnant. The couple was overwhelmed with joy at this news and started waiting anxiously for the day that they would be able to carry their baby in their arms. Now she recently sharing her personal whatsapp girls mobile numbers for those who want to friendship with her and dating.

Pune Girl Origional Whatsapp Girl Mobile Number

Nine months past very quickly and then came the day when she was taken to the hospital for delivery in just a few hours the family heard the good news of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. mehra. Mr. mehra’s family did not like it as they were expecting a grandson, even the father Mr. mehra was not as happy as Shalini herself. With passage of time the family’s resentment towards Shalini and her daughter grew stronger. Shalini used to take care of every person in the family but as a result was very mistreated. No one even Aditi’s father cared for the mother and daughter till the day came when Shalini was thrown out of the house with her daughter as Mr. mehra disowned both his wife and daughter to re marry to have a son, till that time Aditi was eight years old.

She grew up watching all the atrocities inflicted on her mother and herself and was determined to fight for her mothers and her own rights. The young girl grew up to become one of the most famous women rights lawyer and social worker. She filed several cases against her paternal family and father, fought the cases and won all of them. She received huge compensation for her mother and her right in her father’s property.

On the other hand, her father’s new wife was blessed with twin daughters who gained the acceptance as Mr. Mehra after a back injury was bed ridden and could not become father again the rest of his life. Her complete profile list with whatsapp number and contact list.

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