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Polonya Avrupa Kız Gerçek Whatsapp Mobil Number Agata

Varşova Agata hayatlar, Şehrin küçük bir kasaba Polonya. Agata fakir aileye ait ve evde annesi ve babası dışındaki bir genç kız kardeşi var. Tüm aile bireyleri neredeyse çalışmak 18 saat günde yiyecek iki kez göze amacıyla. Agata is short heighted girl with long, frizzy, blonde hair which are never neatly tied or parted. She just keeps them open as they are and as there are poor conditions in her apartments she does not wash them enough to make them look nice and neat. Agata, like all the other girls loves new clothes and accessories but unfortunately she cannot afford to fulfill any of these desires. Not just this, Agata is a very intelligent girl with a high level of IQ and a passion to study online via whatsapp group. Belonging to a poor family who do not have enough to spend on things other than basic necessities of life is a challenge when it comes to spending on other activities.

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Agata is currently 16 years old and she attends college where she is pursuing a degree in science. Having bestowed with excellent IQ Agata has always been highly passionate about studies and to move forward in life so that she can change her current lifestyle. Agata plans on to discovering new inventions and ideas that will be a breakthrough for the world. These breakthrough inventions will definitely transform her life and she can finally fulfill all her dreams she had since childhood. Here whatsapp mobile number is easy to add and chat friendly online.

Euopean girls: Before going to college on a pure scholarship bases Agata could not even think of ever going to college. She had experienced too much in her life. Agata’s childhood was quite tough , she had to face too many tough times from her family as well as her friends. Agata is not a very social person and has never been able to become friends with people very often . ever since childhood she has always been bullied by people in her surroundings. Agata has always been strong throughout her life, no matter what fate has thrown at her.

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isim: Agata

Kent: Warsaw Poland

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