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Aisha from Bahrain Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Online

Aisha is a girl who lives in Bahrain , she was born and raised in that place. Aisha was born to a prestigious Arabic Family of Bahrain who are known for their wealth and lifestyle. Aisha’s family is a major part of the polo races in Bahrain. Among the top players of the country Aisha’s family is also ranked. Aisha is one of three sisters of her family, Aisha is the eldest daughter of all siblings and is the one dearest and most close to her parents especially to her father.

Bahrain Beautiful Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number for Dating

Aisha is a 20 year old young, fierce, gorgeous girl with attractive facial features. Aisha has always been famous where ever she is for her beauty and other talents or skills. Being the first daughter and the most dear child of her father Aisha has always enjoyed her father’s company. Aisha is a girl every girl wants to look like, and every guy loved her. Aisha has learned all types of skills and talents from her father such as hunting, shooting, horse riding, polo, and other sorts of sports too. Aisha loves to practice every sort of sport and in fact she excels in all the sports she ever plays. Whenever her father is practicing for his polo matches or horse riding matches she loves to assist and learn something new every time. after observing her father and learning from him Aisha is her college’s best polo player. Aisha has also developed an acute love for horses because of her father’s passion. She owns her own horses and takes care of them herself.

Even though Aisha has all the talents, skills and qualities of a perfect person she is very arrogant and does not like to socialize with a lot of people. The only people she makes friends with are the ones that do similar things as her or if they can do something for her. Aisha is quite a selfish girl and makes use of things and resources around her wisely such that she remains to be a great person with normal people and she swiftly gets her work done and leaves around.

Name: Aisha

Country: Bahrain

Whatsapp Number:

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