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Alison is a 24 years old lady who lives in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. Alison has been living in this city ever since she was born. In fact Alison’s family have a long historical family tree that indicates that Alison’s family has been living here for decades. This makes Alison a true, native, pure Czech who share her personal whatsapp mobile number for online chat. Alison and her family make up a total of 4 members including her father, her mother and her elder brother. Alison’s father is a major investor and an influential competition in the cosmetics industry of Czech Republic.

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For generations Alison’s family has been dominating the cosmetics industry with hundreds of products under several brand names. Alison’s mother has also been a major character in spreading their business far off to not just Czech Republic but also spreading across Europe. Alison’s mother is a strong independent lady who has strong feministic believes and has raised her children with such point of views in her mind. Alison’s elder brother Kane usually enjoys a luxurious life that his gather and ancestors have created for them. He travels around the world partying and buying more and more cars that he parks in their huge mansions across Europe.

Alison is a tall, smart figured girl with red silky straight hair long enough to touch her elbows. Although Alison is quite bony ,but that the unique ting about her. She has a model like figure and even walks like the models on a ramp. Alison loves to dress up and attend fashion shows , she loves to around the country and even Europe. She travels across the world in search of the best items from the world’s best designer and brands. Alison has always been the gorgeous girl who fits perfectly to win a beauty pageant. Ever since a little girl Alison has been competing in beauty pageants and has won almost 99% of them.

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Alison has not only competed in beauty pageants in Czech Republic in fact she has competed on a large scale for example in the entire Europe. Alison has so much love and passion to be chosen in such beauty pageants that she has now enrolled herself in the “Miss Universe” contest and hopes to win it too.

Name: Alison

City: Prague, Czech Republic

Whatsapp Number: