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Amanda is a young United States girl who lives in one of the busiest cities of America, Los Angeles in California. Amanda and her family are native Americans who have been living in America from generations. Amanda belongs to a mediocre American family, she has a small family comprising of her mother, father and a little brother. Amanda is the eldest child of her parents, being the eldest child sure gives Amanda some perks. But life is not that simple for Amanda, she has to make do her life and face a lot of struggles and hardships in order to survive.

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Being a member of a mediocre family Amanda makes her own living as she is a 17 year old and an independent American citizen. Amanda works at a local fast food store as a waitress and works there for 12 hours a day. Amanda is an average looking girl and is of a short height, she has bleach blonde hair and freckles on her cheeks. Amanda is a very lively and joyful girl who loves to live her life to its full. She is always up for something fun and exciting. Amanda has a very bubbly personality and she loves to meet new people , be friends with them.

Most of all Amanda is a very loyal person to her friends, family, work. Being this such social and having a huge social circle makes Amanda very famous around her town, school and her workplace. But being highly social has its own pros and cons. One thing that Amanda did not got use of because of social skill is true friendship. Many people have betrayed Amanda over the course of her life. Life has not been simple with Amanda in fact Amanda is a strong girl who takes every hardship and challenge thrown by fate at her as something that makes her even more strong.

Amanda is now pursuing her dreams. She has always been the kind of person who speaks up and fights for herself. In this context Amanda is fulfilling her dream of going to a college that will lead her to Law school where she hopes to become a huge, successful lawyer one day.

Name: Amanda

Country: Unites States America

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