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Dreams are not the property of rich people. Everyone has the right to struggle hard for his dream come true irrespective of his financial status in a society. Aneeta is a young girl who faced many difficulties to become a known cardiologist. She belonged to the poor family and her father was a laborer. It was hard to meet daily expenses of necessities. When she was 12 years old girls whatsapp numbers, her father had a severe heart attack. They brought him to the nearest government cardio hospital. There was no doctor available at that time and her father condition was going worst with time. Unfortunately her father lost his life in waiting the doctor. This incident made her to become a doctor in future and she studied with full determination and dedication. Her mother was doing the job of a maid in a house to meet expenses.

Indian Young Girls Whastapp Mobile Number

She was an intelligent student and she got the scholarship for her studies in college because of her 95%marks. She had no other interests except studies. She lived in a one room house with her mother where she used to study under the light of a small bulb. Her class fellows belonged to the well to do families and they used to taunt her and bother her throughout the session but she gave damn care to them. Her aim was only to make her dream come true. She never felt ashamed of the fact that she was a daughter of a house servant. In fact she used to feel proud of her mother as she was working hard for her and she was not doing anything against the law.

She had done her study in these circumstances but nothing stopped her. She got the distinction and was given the honorary scholarship for further studies in the field of her own choice. She was so obliged to God for this blessing. And finally she became the doctor of cardiology and she did her first operation with the renowned doctor professor cardiologist in the same hospital where she had lost her father. The feelings were inexpressible for her.

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