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Aneta is a 25 year old young lady who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. Aneta is an average looking girl with a white complexion and facial features like every girl in Ukraine. Aneta is a tall girl with her hair cut into like a boy’s haircut. Aneta does not like to keep her hair long so whenever they grow a little long she cuts them short. Also, Aneta dresses up in quite a boyish manner and does not like any girl dresses. She likes to wear leather bracelets in her arm which have now become her statement. Aneta is not like every other girl in the world that will sharing her whastapp number online. She does have average looks but she is definitely not an average beautiful girl.

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Aneta is very interested in sports and out of all the sports the she plays she loves football the most. She follows every match and every single player of football across the world. So much so that she has attended a large number of football matches of her favorite players. Being so much interested in football has led her to practice the game with passion. She loves to play football in her free time. This has eventually led her to be a part of the national women’s football team of Kiev. Aneta is famous across the city for her talent and skills of this game and most importantly for the passion with which she plays every football game.

Ukranian girls:Aneta belongs to a mediocre family of Kiev, with her father being the sole bread winner of the family. Aneta is the youngest sibling of her family with three other elder brothers. Aneta has always been under the influence of her elder brothers which eventually led her to be so much interested in sports. She developed her love and passion for football with the passage of time and exposure.

After being so much involved in sports Aneta has never spent much time on her studies and neither has she been much interested in gaining more “bookish” knowledge. Aneta believes she does not need to study books and pass courses to become a better person in her life , it is her life experiences and exposure to life that alters her personality and perceptions.

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Name: Aneta

City: Keiv Ukraine

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