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Anna is a young, independent girl who lives in the capital city of Russia, Moscow. Anna is currently 18 years old and studies in one of the most prestigious colleges of Moscow. She is the kind of a girl who loves to study hard and get further in life. Anna belongs to a mediocre family of Russia who spend their life fulfilling only their basic necessities and not enjoying a moment in their lives. Anna has seen too many hardships and has faced several miseries in her life that is she is always highly motivated and determined to study hard, get over her current life and start all over.

Russian Moscow Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Dating

Anna and her family is a total of 5 members: her mother, father and two sisters. Anna is the middle child and has usually been neglected. Regardless of all the hardships that Anna has faced in her entire life since childhood , she has always been strong and has never given up. Belonging to a mediocre family in Moscow meant earning a living for your self. So, Anna works in a nearby bar where she works as a bar tender or sometimes a waitress.

Even though Anna works in the bar and at times finds extra work to earn more money she still finds extra time to focus on her studies. Being a hardworking person and someone who works to help people get their rights Anna is highly motivated to become a lawyer and dream to work in a huge law firm once she is done from college and graduated from Harvard law. Anna has always dreamt of studying in Harvard Law ever since she was a little girl.

Anna is quite an introvert person and she does not like to socialize a lot with people. Anna likes to spend most of her time either studying or keeping herself busy in her hobbies. Other than studies and a lover of the law Anna loves to read all sorts of fictional books. These books allow her to enter her into a dreamland she can live and get out of whenever she wishes to.

Name: Anna

CIty: Moscow Russia

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