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Anum is the name of a cute girl who w’s born in a rich family. She is the second child of her parents. Her father was a chemical engineer in Pakistani factory and her mother was a talented lady who was a home economics college graduate. Her mobile number also a Pakistani jazz company. She two younger sisters and an elder brother who all were admitted to the best school of the city. Her grandfather was a businessman who forced his son Anum’s father to work in the oil mill jointly owned by him and his two brothers. Everything was going smooth when all of a sudden, their whole business collapsed and they even had to sell their assets to survive. Anum’s father tried to star one business after the other but could not succeed.

Karachi Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number from Pakistan

Anum, her mother and her sister started taking tuitions to make the ends meet. The strong girl Anum did not let the circumstances affect her studies and in the blink of an eye she became a graduate from a leading college of the city. Throughout this time of hardships both the paternal and maternal grandparents of Anum provided them with as much support as they could and were there he never they needed help. She has always been a lively person who was full of optimism, when it came to studies she had God gifted intelligence as no one in the family had ever seen her studying for more than two hours at a stretch. Anum is a great English poetess as well as an artist and have lot of admirers of her work. Her real aim to like a rich family boy, who love her passion and also like her online dating friendship.

As soon as she left college she found a job with a government institute related to the youth program that the government has started to facilitate youth in making their dreams come true. She worked there with complete honesty and dedication till the day came when she was offered a job in the USA for which she received an invitation for the whole family. Now she is going to America where she might help her parents and siblings start their life from a new start.

The determination and strong will power that this young girl has wild definitely help this young lady achieve her goal and play her positive role in making the world a better place to live in.

Name: Anum Shehzadi

City: Karachi

Country: Pakistan

Whatsapp Mobile Number: