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Aziza is a 25 years old Egyptian girl who lives in the capital of Egypt that is Cairo. Aziza was born in the same city she has been living in currently and share personal whatsapp number for friends. At the time Aziza was born Egypt was not a very well developed city and belonging from a middle classed family in Egypt had its own pros and cons. During her life until now Aziza has travelled across Egypt and has experienced living in each city of Egypt. Aziza is a very mature and experienced girl who has knowledge about almost every field of world including bookish knowledge as well as general knowledge. At the time of wars in Egypt Arab girls Aziza was well aware of the political as well as social situation in the country and she tried her best to help around in her country.

Hot Arab Egyptian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number

Aziza is a very pretty and charming girl who lights up every person’s life. She is a treat to talk to. Aziza is very good at handling and managing people, she strikes up a conversations and maintains is swiftly such that the person whom she is talking to is very comfortable in conversing with her. Aziza is tall girl of a 5”7 height, a tanned skin color, dark brown eyes, long flowing silky straight hair that she lets out very rarely usually she keeps her hair tied in a bun. Aziza is a girl every girl wishes to e. She is an inspiration to every girl who knows her. Even though Aziza has been blessed with nature’s beauty she has never boosted about it and no girl has ever envied her for her beauty and brains. In fact most girls wish to be like her.

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Aziza belongs to a socially middle classed family, she has two brothers and a younger sister. Aziza is the third child of her parents and she sure is the most accomplished child of her parents and they are proud to have her as a daughter. Aziza helps her family in completing chores of her household along with tutoring her younger sister and inspiring, motivating to be a generous and a humble person.

Name: Aziza

Region: Egypt in Arab

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