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Basem is an Algerian girl who is French in race yet resides in the city of Constantine from generations ago. Basem belongs to a mediocre family in Arab, her father owns a restaurant in the main busy market streets of Constantine. Benefiting from their French heritage they excel in baking and selling delicious French bread. Basem’s family business is famous across the city and people from far off places or outskirts of the city come all the way to the city to buy the famous, soft , delicious baked bread. She want to perfect match with her standard and hope to meet with boyfriends in whatsapp girls numbers or dating girls in his area.

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Being a middle child in between five other brothers and sisters Basem has always been the quiet and shy one. Ever since childhood Base did not like to interact with a lot of people and made friends with a very few people. Even today when she is all grown up she has grown to an extreme introvert person. Basem has a history of bad events where she was not preffered and prioritized over other people due to which she has a comparatively lower self esteem. Even though Basem is a gorgeous Arabic girl withy pretty dark brown colored silky curled hair she has never been fond of her herself and never appreciated her beauty. So much so that she does not think of her self as a pretty lady. Having been a victim of low self-esteem Basem admires and praises other people and even if somebody gives her a compliment she never takes it as a compliment in fact she thinks of it as a joke that was intended to make her feel bad.

Basem did have a hard childhood and teenage due to which she has become so uptight in her adolescent years. Basem is a 24 years old lady and is currently completing her college in health sciences from a reputable college in Constantine. Basem’s family has always encouraged her to go further in studies as she is the smartest child of her parents and no other sibling of her has even completed their basic studies till high school. Due to Basem’s emotional issues she has never accepted the skills and talents she is bestowed with rather she criticizes and compares herself to others.

Name: Basem

Country: Algeria Arab

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