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Rachel lives in the famous City of Brussels, Belgium. She is a 27 year old single lady who lives with a friend in an apartment in the busy part of the city. Rachel is an average heightened girl with a fair white complexion, brown freckles covering her nose region, sparkling blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. Rachel loves to dress up and is very much fond of the fashion industry. Rachel even pursues a living with the fashion industry of Belgium. She works in one of the most reputable and the most high fashion brands of Belgium. She absolutely loves her job because ever since a little girl Rachel has been passionate about clothes, fashion style. In fact being in style, updated to fashion and setting new trends is all what Rachel is about.

Belgium Girls Real Whatsapp Contact Number

Rachel is always known to be the most attractive girl around. Because of her smart, beautiful features every guy that she comes across falls in love with her. But, Rachel is always too choosy and picks very wisely when it comes to men and friends with whom she hangs around. But , there are times when Rachel feels too lonely because she cannot get into a serious relationship in her life. every person that she starts to date is either too creepy, weird or just not the type with whom she could take it long.

European girls: Regardless of all the weird dating history of Rachel’s life she does have one person, guy who loves her no matter what. But being the owner of a bratty personality Rachel never acknowledges this guy and whenever she starts to like him too she screws things over and even the smallest light of having a long term relationship dies in Rachel’s life.

Rachel is the daughter of a very influential and wealthy business man who owns several real estates, boats and much more. Rachel has three other sisters who are younger than her. Rachel has always been her “daddy’s little girl” and for this reason she has become to be a bratty person who thinks everything revolves around her and that she can get her things done instantly without having to make an actual effort.

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Name: Rachel

City: Brussels, Belgium

Email Address: rechaljohny32@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: