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In this era, sports have a special place in our lives but we only think that sports are made only for boys. The girls come to the world only to fulfill their household responsibilities. This is the Asian mindset for the Asian girls and women. The world has changed but the minds of the Asian people have been stuck with the old assumptions but these days, there are such girls who have the ability to make their ways under this mindset and Bindu is a girl who proved that courage and determination could make the way itself. She belonged to a middle class family. She had two brothers. Bindu was a brilliant and active child. She loving in Indin girls online chatting and do time pass with her college members.

Indian Hot Girls from Kanpur Whatsapp Numbers

When she was in school, she loved to get in for sports competition. She used to play basketball, badminton and hockey. She used to win many prizes at school level. As she went to college, she was asked to drop all her sports activities and focus on her studies only. Because like all the parents, her parents also had the only dream for her daughter and that was her marriage. Bindu wanted to play badminton at national level and for this reason she wanted to keep it together with her studies. There was an inter college badminton tournament during her college time period and she wanted to participate from her college. The girls of this college are very hot and also have whastapp mobile numbers for chatting and freindship with boyfriend and classmates.

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She requested her parents for the permission but they refused at first. Her coach met her parents and made them to realize that these days there remained no difference between son and daughter; she should be given the same rights that they gave to their sons. He also said that She was incredibly good in badminton so she should avail that opportunity and also you people had to make her feel proud to be a girl not otherwise. Eventually, her parents agreed with her and she played and she won for her college.

After that she also played at national level with the complete support and prayers of her parents and won the final. Now she is preparing herself for the international badminton tournaments.



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