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Caterina is 20 year old young, beautiful Italian girl who lives in Venice, Italy. Caterina is tall, dark complexioned girl with jet black hair made in tight curls like those of noodles. She has hazel green eyes covered with thick heavy eyes lashes which she usually covers with mascara. Caterina is a fashion enthusiast and lives to follow fashion. She has an acute, unique sense of Fashion that impresses everyone around her. Caterina is famous for her stylish looks and they she is always trendy.

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Caterina belongs to an illustrious, opulent family of Italy. She has 2 other sisters and her family has a huge, running and successful business in the makeup industry. Belonging from such a rich and famous family automatically makes Caterina more famous and attractive to paparazzi. Caterina and her sisters are usually under the major spotlight on an events related to fashion or makeup. Caterina also gets invited to all the biggest movie premiers and other related parties. Inviting Caterina and her sisters is an honor for the hosts.

Italy girls make sure she spends of her parent’s money in a clever manner. Caterina never buys any fashion products she does not like. Usually Caterina can pull off nay outfit she wishes to but at times some fashion statements get so common among ordinary people that Caterina avoids practicing those styles. Caterina is a bratty, arrogant girl who does not like ordinary people. She only thinks of herself. Caterina lives in a world of glitter and glam and is obsessed with it.

Anyone who is not related to this lifestyle or does not follow fashion in a highly acute manner the way she herself does, she thinks of that person as a strange person who might have come from some random planet. Caterina is usually ignorant about whatever is going around in her surroundings unless it involves her and affects her. But if anything is remotely related to fashion, clothes, makeup or parties Caterina is the person most updated about it all. So much so, that Caterina plans to start her own clothing line as part of their makeup business.

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Name: Catrina

City: Venice Italy

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