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Dostluk Mumbai Kız Whatsapp Numaradan Diviyani

mücadele Tanrı onları sevmez çünkü people.It çoğunun hayatının bir parçası değil mi. Tanrı'ya daha özel çünkü öyle. Onlar daha güçlü ve onların ağzında gümüş kaşıkla doğmuş diğerlerinden daha yeterince güçlü olduğu anlamına gelir. Diviyani was the woman of strength and struggles. She was an amazing village woman. She belonged to the family who lived hand to mouth. She got education till level 5 from a govt school because her family could not afford for her schooling. She got married when she was only 15 because of backward rituals of the village. Here simple and stylish beautiful Indian girls whatsapp mobile numbers from Mumbai. The early marriage of a girl was very common in her village. Her husband was a truck driver and had education till level 8.

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He used to deliver the different stuff from place to place and share her vodafone phone company mobile number. He had the type of job in which he had to remain outside the house for days. It was very difficult to manage his income for the household expenses as they had 3 çocuklar. It was becoming tough for her to provide education to her children. Even though, she wanted to do anything for education of her children. She started sewing clothes for her neighbors. She was expert in sewing and embroidery stitches. Her husband went through an awful accident when she was 30 yıl. Her husband died in that accident. Then the life became more complicated for her. It was not easy to run the house by her. She was going through the miserable situation.

There was no way she could see that might help her to deal with the situation. On one day, when she was looking at the truck of her husband that was standing outside the house, she came across an idea to learn driving. It was difficult for a woman to do so. She never gave up and eventually she did it. Now she is a truck driver and delivers the things or materials from one place to the other in the morning within her city and performing the tailor’s job in the evening.

isim: Diviyani Kumar

Kent: Bombay

ülke: Hindistan

E: diviyanikumar21@gmail.com

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