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Diya od Bangalore djevojka WhatsApp broj mobitela za chat

Život je teško razumjeti. Ponekad život izgleda kao da igraju s nama, nalazimo pojma kako reagirati na to što je život 90% ima na našim reakcijama. So we should be careful in handling our lives in Bangalore city with her personal whatsapp mobile number for Indian girls dating. We cannot mold it according to our desires and requirements. In fact we have to walk with it and make the ways of living by our own selves. Diya is the young lady who made her own ways. She belonged to a small town of the city. Her father was a clerk. She was not a highly qualified person; she had done simple schooling as her father could not afford it. Imala je 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She was married at early age. Her husband was a sales officer at a rank grade 3.

Bangalore Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number for Chatting

She was blessed with 1 daughter and 1 son. They both wanted to provide their children with best education and facilities for the quality life. It seemed to be difficult for them in the time of inflation and recession. They were unable to fulfill the necessities of life. It pushed her to do something to support her husband. There was a small bakery shop at the end of her house street. She requested the bakery man to put the things made by her for sale. He was a kind man, so he agreed to it. She started with homemade samosas and vegetable rolls. She had taste in her hands to cook. She used to cook delicious food for her family.

The most of the people who lived near her house were vegetarian. Tako, at different occasions she did it and the result was marvellous. Everyone liked her food. She became popular with it. She began to get orders from the people for celebrating the events. She started baking cakes also. Now she is a well-known caterer of vegetarian foods in her own town and is now supporting her husband. She had to go through difficulties but she was not disappointed with it.

So whatsapp is digital way to communicate the online friendship. She moved on with more courage to assist her husband in providing the best for their children.

Ime: Diya Bharti

Grad: Bangalore

Zemlja: Indija

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