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مصر الجميلة بنات واتس اب رقم الجوال

There are not many girls in Cairo, Egypt that live a luxurious, free life. A life where they can do whatever they wish to do in their life. Here مصر الجميلة بنات واتس اب رقم الجوال Aziza arabic girl was daughter of a rich business man. She lived in a huge mansion in Egypt. Aziza belonged from an opulent family, she was born with a golden spoon. Never in her life had she heard the word “no”. Whatever beautiful Aziza had ever wished for, her wish got granted the very second. No matter how complicated or innocent her wish was it was not a problem for her parents to fulfill her wishes.

Egypt Arabic Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number

Aziza’s family was a rich family who had inherited their family business and all the wealth from their ancestors. Aziza along with her family loved to travel around the world. It was no problem for them to travel around the world. There was no place on the globe that Aziza and her family had not traveled to. Wherever Aziza traveled she took a souvenir from the city.

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Now it was time for Aziza to start her college. She had to choose which university to go to complete her bachelor’s degree. Aziza’s family was a highly educated family and they encouraged girls to excel in education more and more. After travelling to so many countries around the world Aziza loved America of the countries she had visited. So, Aziza got accepted to complete her bachelor’s degree in Media studies from New York University (NYU) and share American girls whatsapp numbers. It the happiest day of her life, the day Aziza got accepted in an Ivy league school New York University.

After summer vacations it was time for Aziza to move to America and start off with higher education. When Aziza moved to America she loved every second of her life. a month later, Aziza got involved in bad company. The friends she made in America were not good people. Then started a chain of days and nights that Aziza started going drugs and drank all night long. Because of this behavior she could not attend her classes or focus on her studies. On course after another she failed them all. Then one fine day a letter came to Aziza through post that she had gotten expelled.

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Name: Aziza

City: Cairo Egypt

Whatsapp Number: 

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