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Elif is a young 20 year old Turkish girl who lives on the banks of Istanbul. Elif belongs to a mediocre family who work in order to survive and to earn a living. Elif is an only child of her parents, her parents are quite old people who cannot work too much. Yet Elif and her family work at a huge, opulent mansion of a wealthy business man in Istanbul. Elif’s parents have been working in the house since they got married. Elif was born in this house and came to sense in this very house. Elif’s parents are very hardworking and loyal people who put the needs of their bosses first to their own. Her purpose to friendship online dating chat on whatsapp numbers and groups.

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Elif is a young, pretty girl with attractive features. She has sparkly green eyes that are a drug to anyone who once stares at her eyes. Elif has really pretty brown colored hair with long waves hitting her hair making them look like waves in a forest. Elif is a short heightened girl but is very fair in complexion and seems very attractive. Elif is the sort of girl who makes people fall in love with her personality because of her presence. Being the daughter of the most nice and humble parents Elif has grown up to be a very bubbly and pleasant person. Where there is Elif the entire room lightens up and a wave of friendly vibes is generated.

Even though Elif is treat to talk to yet Elif gets involved in quarrels and arguments with the owner’s daughter at times. Elif and the owner’s daughter Alyata are age fellows and are quite good friends yet they argue over petty issues at times.

Elif does not agree with her parent’s decision to keep working at a house as maids to them regardless of the money they receive from them. Elif finds it rather insulting to work at a huge mansion while she studies at a good reputed college in Istanbul. Elif always dreams of becoming a bigger and better person in her life where she works at a respectable firm or organization to earn a living.

Name: Elif

City: Istanbul Turkey

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