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Dream provides the light to the man’s destination. It is important to have real dreams not like as to become a prince or a princess one day. Geet is a young lady who made her dream come true. She did not make castles in the air but she proved herself that she was perfectly capable of doing what she had once dreamed to be share girls mobile number for friendship. Though she was the daughter of a banker, he had arranged the quality education for her daughter. Geet was the only child of her parents. Her father used to make her every wish come true. She remained as the brilliant and bright student throughout her education period. She always wanted to do things different from others. She loved to be unique and distinctive.

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She had a dream to become a pilot. It was not easy for a girl to even dream it. Her friends used to make fun of her dream but she promised them that she would make it real one day. After schooling, she wanted to do bachelors in aircraft operations. This was a tense time for her as she found it difficult to convince her parents. Her prayers and struggles were not gone waste and her passion compelled them to make decision in her favor. She was very happy with the support of her parents. It opened the doors of her dream to come true. She did her level best to clear each and every degree related to her field with flying colors and also got the scholarships that shared the burden of her studies.

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After 2 months ground training and the completion of the required flight experience, the time had come to go on her first flight. The uniform she wore and the badge with her name and the cap on her head, moving towards the plane to experience the dream come true, the feelings of the each moment of it were inexpressible. During her first flight as a professional pilot she really felt proud of herself and of her parents.

She promised to send her whatsapp number for her personal boyfriends and herself that she would aid the children who are deprived of education.

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