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Ghalia is a local resident of Qatar. She is 27 years young bright woman. Ghalia lives in one of the major cities of Qatar namely Doha. She is known to be a strong, independent woman who loves to make a living for her self. She is a perfect girls when she open her whatsapp number for friendship. Even though Ghalia belongs to a very rich and affluent family in Qatar she has never devoured her father’s money neither has she ever relied on her father to pay her money in order to live her adult life peacefully. Ghalia works in a large Multinational firm and she earns enough to maintain the standard of living put forward by her father.

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Ghalia is a very pretty, tan complexioned Arab girls with mobile number. She has a minimal height and has dark jet black hair. She usually covers her head with a headscarf because she likes to do so as being a moral and ethical muslim. Ghalia belongs to a very religious Muslim family yet they are not conservative or narrow minded at all. Her family encourages her to pursue higher education and follow her dreams. She is not stopped by her family by implying any sort of extremist saying or beliefs. Ghalia’s family includes her two brothers and three sisters. Ghalia is the elder of all siblings. Her father is a rich business man and her brothers help their father in business dealings.

Ghalia is very well educated women. She has always been very interested in getting more and more knowledge. She never spares a chance of learning something new. When it comes to text book education she is a very hardworking and determined student who works hard enough to score the best grades and put other people in competition with her. Ghalia’s urge for knowledge comes from her high IQ, she has always been the smartest kid around when she was in high school. After being encouraged from everywhere and every one she decided to pursue higher education. Ghalia has completed her Master’s degree and is currently doing her Phd from a wellknown university in America.

Being the smartest kid around in her town and other surroundings Gahlia took the advantage of receiving a scholarship to complete her Phd.

Name: Ghalia

Country: Qatar Doha

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