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Celena is a young woman in her late twenties, around 27 years old who lives in Athens, Greece. Celena has been living in Greece for a very long time. In fact she is half Greek and half French girls. Celena’s mother was Greek and belonged to Athens where as her father was French and belonged to Paris. Celena’s parents once long ago fell in love and had Celena , soon as she was born her father left her mother for someone and so she and her mother had to move back to Athens. She was actually born in Paris. Because of this scenario Celena does not have a proper family, she does not have any siblings nor does she have her parents. Soon after moving back to Athens, while Celena was 6 years old and living with her mother and grandmother in a small shady apartment Celena’s mother killed herself and left behind sorrow for Celena. Now she lived her childhood, teenage and adult life as an orphan and mostly as a homeless person.

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Celena moved out of her Grandmother’s apartment when she was 8 years old and started living on the streets Celena is and has always been a very friendly person in whatsapp online with a bubble personality who loved and cared for everyone and was nice, kind to anyone she knew. She interacted with all sorts of people. As she did not have any parent or sibling to grow up with she learnt all the things about life herself. Celena is a believer of superstitions and firmly believes that there is good in everything and most importantly she has a strong belief in Karma.

European Girls: Growing up on the streets was not as easy thing for Celena, because of everything in her life that has happened she has grown to be sort of creepy. She dresses up in a funky, trendy manner and still represents a gypsy touch her look. She usually wears a long skirt of sharp, neon colors paired with cool shirts she might have gotten from a sale. Not just this, Celena is a jolly person so she is always covered in some sort of unique head pieces and always stays away from meat of any sort as she is a vegetarian.

Name: Celena

City: Athens , Greece

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