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Горячее пакистанское Количество Heera Манди Девушка Whatsapp Mobile

Нилум это имя милой девочки, которая родилась в семье среднего класса из Lahore.her отец был сторонником высокого суда. У нее были две старшие сестры и одна младшая сестра. У нее не было брата, так что ее семья должна была терпеть замечания людей о несчастье своего родителя иметь только 4 sisters and no son. Neelum never took these comments to heart and promised herself to show the conservative minded people that in today’s era girls are equally good as boys no matter what their field was. Heera mandi all girls having so different with her boyfriends and shows personal whatsapp and other social media contact number data with anyone. These hot girls are very responsive and quick support for all boys and men who enter her area. So she started working hard in studies and stood first in every standard till she did her O levels in flying colors.

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As her father was a lawyer they did not have a regular income as one month her father had ten cases to plead and the next month he had only three cases. During her studies two of her elder sisters got married and now it was Neelum turn to prove herself and that exactly what she did. После завершения ее окончания, she did a job at a local private school from where she received good amount as salary but that was not enough to keep aside for rainy days so she started taking tuitions at home from where she earned just enough to keep aside as a saving.

After two years of teaching she decided to do MBA which is what she exactly did but she did not make her parents spend for her studies. She met her educational expenses by going to school early in the morning and from school she went straight to agriculture university Lahore from where she did her MBA. She used her income for household expenses when her parents were short of money. Nobody could feel any change in the smooth running of the house even if her father had no income at all. She proved to the world that she was in no way less than a son.

Due to the blessings and prayers that she received form her parents and special blessings from Allah she got married to a landlord of Multan where she does not have to work at all and enjoys a peaceful and happy life.

имя: Neelum

город: Лахор

Страна: Пакистан

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