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Kangna is a young lady who knows the value of parents in life. When she completed her bachelors and she was excited to going back home to give surprise to her parents as she got first distinction in her Indian college girls whatsapp number with 98%marks in business management. As she reached the door step of her house, an ambulance having the dead bodies of her parents came and told her that they both had met an accident on the way to the park in the early morning. Her parents had the habit of doing morning walk together. She was so shocked that she was unable to even cry on the loss. No one could do anything against the will of God.

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She used to miss the love and care she was given by her parents and especially the tight hug on her achievements and when she was upset. One day she was standing outside her house, she saw that an old couple was sitting on the bench of the park for a long time and they looked so depressed and upset. She went to them and asked them why they were sitting there so sad. They had a son and two grandchildren and you can easy girls dating online in India with her. She took them to her house and insisted them to live with her at least that day. Then she came up with the idea of making an old age home for such people.

She used her father’s investments and savings of her own and started this from her house where she tried to provide everything that an old person needed. Now she has 60 old persons in her old age home where they can enjoy themselves and with people of their age group. They cook food for each other and also do painting, knitting, sewing and even stitching of clothes etc. She also uses to organize small exhibitions to display their work. This old age home has become a coaching center.

She is very much contended and happy with what she is doing. She feels like she is serving her own parents and hopes that her parents would also be proud of her.

Name: Kangna Sharma

City: Nagpur

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