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Lolanda lives in the city of Bucharest, Romania. She is a 28 year old young lady who is of a very pleasing personality, every person loves to be in her surroundings. Lolanda pretty firl is a very social, humble and a sweet girl who talks whatsapp chat to everyone in a such a simple and beautiful manner that people become her friends at the very same time. It is not just the way she talks, it is also the way she starts and maintains a conversation with the other person she is neither too reserve while talking not is she too outspoken. Lolanda is also very confident in her conduct, whatever activity she practices or whatever she says she does it with pure confidence. Even if she is incorrect but she wants to convince the other person she becomes confident and persuades the person to believe in her. Here you see this girls real whatsapp mobile number, Imo number and other profile details.

Romania Hot Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Lolanda’s sweet and kind nature at times brings her at a disadvantage too. Some clever and bad people around her make use of her sweet and kind personality to trap her in their ideas. There are many mean people that surround Lolanda and at time she is fooled by their fake personalities thinking that they are actually as good as they seem to be. This also happens because these people assume she is dumb being blessed with a pretty face. Lolanda is very pretty and attractive girls with bleach blonde, long hair usually tied in a long lose braid. She has ice blue eyes which are surrounded with brown freckles covering her upper nose and cheeck.

Lolanda is usually properly dressed in pretty, fashionable and trendy clothes and she loves to accessorize herself. Of all the accessories she loves to wear funky head bands or clips. So much so that she is known and famous for her unique collection of headbands and hair clips. Lolanda is a fashion girl, she loves to dress up according the latest fashion trend. She usually is the trend setter in her surroundings. As Lolanda is a people’s girl, everyone loves the way she creates new dresses and outfits and the way she carries herself in the dresses.

Name: Lolanda

City: Bucharest, Romania

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