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Aradikaは大学の女の子です, ユーモアのセンスとデボネア自然と. であるが, 彼女は内向的です, 彼女は他の人にし、自信を持って、ビューの彼女のポイントを表示することを躊躇しません。. 彼女のプロファイルの概要状況によると、, Aradika is a girl who can be defined in few words; confident, witty and organized. The status shows her as a wise girl with common sense and the sense of communicating others in a right way. Her timeline and status also show the same thing, in which one can see the quotes of many wise authors and her opinions on them.

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The quotations of many authors on the timeline of Aradika shows that she has a hobby of reading and there is wide collections of books in her library, in which most of them reviewed and critic by her on her timeline. Her wise nature also shows in the comments of hers, in which she only says wise and correct things with right references.

名: Aradika

シティ: Lucknow India

Emaill Address: aradikachopra35@gmail.com

宗教: ヒンズー

Whatapp Number:

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