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Molly is a sweet, petite looking girl who lives in a small street in London. Molly is currently 25 years old and practices the profession of a nurse in a local hospital in her town. Molly loves her work and she is very passionate about her profession. She loves to help people around and make them better. Molly is a single woman and does not really goes out on dates a lot. Molly does not really like try out new dates every once in a while because she is not the kind of girl guys usually like to date. Even though Molly is a pretty lady with ash blonde hair, ice blue eyes, heavily freckled cheeks and a cute chubby cheeks and above all she is tall.

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Regardless of all the pretty features Molly is not very confident among people. She becomes quite awkward around new people and has intense social anxiety problems. But when it comes to practicing her job and helping people around there can be none perfect than her. Molly is sweet, kind and gentle in her conduct and loves to help people in pain so that their pain is relieved.

Molly leads quite a mediocre life and she is satisfied with the kind of lifestyle she has. Molly shifted out of her parent’s house when she was 16 years old. Now she lives a cozy, small apartment in a small street in London. Even though Molly’s life is not that luxurious she loves he way it is. She has a sister to whom she is very closely attached. On the weekends when Molly gets free from her work molly and her sister Rachel go out for dinner and other activities.

Molly is quite famous in her workplace due to her kind, nice and gentle nature and conduct with her patients. Most children and elderlies who visit the hospital and if by chance they know Molly works there ,they ask if Molly could treat them. Although Molly is very famous and loved by her patients for the work she does for them the hospital management and other doctors do not really appreciate her.



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