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Tanışma için Delhi Kız Whatsapp Mobil Number Naazish

Daha yirmi yıl önce küçük bir kız bacağından vurulduktan nedeniyle sınırlarda ateş-out sakat sonra işinden emekli almak zorunda emekli ordu subayı doğdu. O çevrimiçi arkadaşlık ve flört için onun kişisel cep telefonu numarası paylaşan. Her family were very conservative and her grandparents were expecting a grandson. When Naazish was born all her parental family was depressed as they expected a boy but her father was the only person who was overwhelmed with joy and distributed sweets among all family members and friends with a note saying that he has become a proud father of a lovely daughter.

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Four years went by at a very fast pace till the day came when Naazish turned 4 and her parents started their search for a school of their choice. Her grandfather even opposed the idea of sending Naazish to school but her loving parents and especially her strong father stood up for her and got her admitted to school against all odds. Naazish’s father was rebellious by nature and was the only son of her father so whatever he said or done meant a lot for the whole family. Naazish was a brilliant student who stood first in all her classes till matriculation in which she was the board topper. She received one lac cash prize and a laptop from the government she was the first female in her parental family who did matriculation and stood first. Her vodafone mobile number is a secret for online friendship.

When she was in class five her mother gave birth to her brother who was welcomed by all family members. Sometimes the destiny offers you what you never want and same happened with Naazish mother who died of cancer two years after her brother’s birth. Naazish assisted her father in taking care of her brother, and helped her grandmother in all the household chores, but all this did not affect her studies and she made her father proud of her.

The hardships in life and non-acceptance by the family members did not affect her high spirits and Naazish stood first in board exams of FSc pre-engineering, she got admission in engineering university Lahore on scholarship where she is studying software engineering.

isim: Naazish Khan

Kent: Delhi

ülke: Hindistan

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