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Today the smart phones make it much easier for a person to get any information whether in written form or in videos. It is like the world in hand. The thing that matters is its utilization. Neha is a person who realized the safest and beneficial use of her smartphone. When she was in school, she was fond of participating in different sports. She loved to play physical games and exercises. The physical training period was always her favorite period of all the time. That always kept her fit and active. Then she got married at the age of 22 and love to friendship with Indian desi girls for long time. After having her first baby, she put on so much weight that she never thought about it. She decided to lose weight and shape up her body.

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Only dieting was not going to help her, she had to do different workouts to shape her body as well. For this purpose, she had to join any gym or need any exercise instructor but she could not find any because there was no gym area near her house and no instructor as well. So in that case, the only helper was her smart phone. She watched videos on daily workouts and tried to do exactly the same as she watched in the videos. She also used to get information about the pros and cons of every exercise, so she lost 20 kilos in 5 months. She was happy with this but it made her feel like there might be the other ladies like her who could not go to a gym or find any instructor so she decided to open a slimming center in the area where she was living and she started it in the big lawn of her house.

She was wondered to see almost 20 ladies at the first day of the opening. At the beginning, she worked as an exercise instructor and gradually she provided exercise machines to her clients with the money she earned through it. Now she is not only running her center in one area but she has opened new branches and hired different instructors as well.

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