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Mona is young 19 years old girl who lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mona suffers from Down’s syndrome and so lacks the skills, knowledge and other life activities or experiences. At the time of birth Mona’s parents could not recognize what is the matter with her as she was quite slow to respond to them when she chatting with her boyfriends in whatsapp and facebook online. They never consulted a doctor and neither were they educated enough to recognize the problem. Mona is the second born of her parents. Throughout Mona’s childhood Mona was always the last one in every field of life. Due to her slow growth Mona is far behind in studies compared to other students her age.

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Because of Mona’s condition Mona has always been bullied around in school and other places. She can not walk properly nor can she speak as fluently as other normal people. Also, her retention rate to understand what people around her say and do is quite low. All these abnormalities have ultimately affected Mona’s self esteem. Even though Mona suffered and lacked so many things yet Mona was quite physically healthy.

The people in Mona’s surroundings have always been quite mean to her condition rather than being nice and supportive. The only personality who supported her and helped her has always been her mother. Mona’s was never liked by her father as he considered as someone who invited evil to the house and someone who was cursed since birth. Mona’s elder sister Amy did not like her either in whatsapp chat. But at times she became compassionate towards her. Amy was always ashamed and embarrassed of her sister as she was not like normal girl and could not do activities like other normal girls and sisters.

Even though the world around Mona was very mean, selfish and harsh towards her yet she is always nice and loving towards everyone. In fact Mona is the most loving, caring humble, generous and kind person. Although she gets hurt because of the way people treat her yet she always forgives them and never keeps a grudge against them. She always tries to be friends with everyone as she is quite friendly.

Name: Mona

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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