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Time doesn’t wait for anybody, so to be a successful person in life one has to define what to do in life and implement his plan of action as opportunity only knocks once in a lifetime the wise man is that who recognizes that opportunity and act accordingly. Those who do not value time are left behind and those who know it’s worth are always successful. Therefore, the thing to understand is how to use time for betterment of one’s life. Nitya is the woman who made herself worthy by making her decisions at the right time and love to dating with Indain dating girls online and offline. She was married at the age of 27. She had a bachelor’s degree in English literature in first division.

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It seemed to be quite enough for her as the other thing she had to do in life was marriage and then look after her husband, kids and the house hold chores. This was the picture of life she had been seeing in her family. So she got married and she had her first baby daughter. She decided to do teaching as a pass time job. Her husband was very understanding and supportive. She started a job in a nearby school with minimum pay. It was just the beginning of her new life. Here dating habbit is very old and like to spare some time with friends like boyfriend and also share the personal mobile number of whatsapp and local phone company.

At the beginning, she seemed to be little upset with the problems like neglecting the child or a husband or the house, the common problems that every working woman has to experience but above all this the main thing that a lady needs is the patience and courage and so with the passage of time, the matters were settled down by the cooperation of her better half and her patience. Then she started working on her grooming . She used to watch online videos to learn and practice English rules. She also used to give online teacher’s test and became capable enough to apply in renowned schools as an English teacher.

Now she is working in one of the best schools of the town as a permanent teacher and not only earns money but also providing her daughter with quality education without any fee charged by the school.

Name: Nitya

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