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It is important for a woman to first of all realize her own powers. She has the power to change the world. She only needs to trust herself. She should be confident about her abilities. As we all know the fact that the self confidence is a key to success and we can see it in the life of a young lady named Pooja. Here Indian girls dating online with whatsapp or mobile number call. Pooja belonged to a family who used to spend their living on daily wages. Her father was a laborer and a hawker as well. He used to sell newspapers in the early morning from door to door on the bicycle. Pooja had one younger brother and two younger sisters. Life was not easy for them to live, she saw her father putting in his all the efforts he could from the early morning till late at night.

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She always wanted to help her family and become a support for her father. She had done matric from a government school. She used to play cricket, soccer and the most famous game of her childhood that was marbles, with her brother and school friends. marbles are actually small balls that were hit one by one using two fingers. When she grew up at the age of 22 she decided to learn driving and her father supported her a lot in it. The government announced the income support scheme for the people who were unable to increase their income, the government facilitated them for buying vans with no down payment and nominal monthly installments for 5 to 10 years.

So, she bought the van with her father and decided to do pick and drop service for school children. It was difficult for her at the beginning but she never lost hope and worked even harder to satisfy the people that she could do this job better than a man. Now she is not only providing her services for school children but for the college girls also. Her parents and all the family members are proud of her. All the parents have showed complete trust on her safe driving skills.

Name: Pooja

City: Kolkata

Country: India

Email Address: poojasharma43@gmail.com

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