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Carolina is a beautiful young girl who is 16 years old and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Carolina is actually an American girl who has shifted along with her family to Lisbon because of her father’s office work. Beautiful Carolina and her siblings are a total of four which includes her three brother and herself. Carolina is the middle child of her parents. Carolina and her family belong to a mediocre status in the society who work most time of the day in order to live their life in a satisfied and normal manner. Carolina along with her brother and her mother work all long in restaurants or super markets to help their family make a living. Here the European girls mobile number on whatsapp and imo online chat.

Beautiful Real Portugal Whatsapp Girl Mobile Number

Carolina is a young, beautiful girl who has very attractive features including her hazel cat eyes that entice most people. Carolina is a tall heightened girl with short bob cut blonde hair that she sometimes dyes into funky colors like green , pink or purple. Carolina has a very jolly personality and becomes friends with people really quick. But now that she has moved to another city in another continent she seems to not like it and has changed to some extent. Carolina has now become shy and does not like a lot of people. Before, when she was living in America she has many many friends and was popular among all. But now in a new school just cannot fit it and is facing troubles of making new friends. Some girls bully her because of her tall height and her unique colored hair.

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Carolina is not a studious person in fact she likes to hang around with her friends, socialize with new people, travel around the country, photograph the places and people she is with and at time she loves to paint new things. After Carolina has moved to Lisbon she has not been able to do any of the things that she enjoys to do. Whenever she tries to be friends with someone they treat her bad. Now to relieve herself from the social pressure that she is going through Carolina has started to sketch and paint and also has started taking classes to learn various musical instruments.

Name: Carolina

City: Lisbon, Portugal

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