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Once I happened to meet a young lady named Rachna in a train and we both had to reach the same station. We travelled together for 12 hours. She had two daughters and the elder one was studying in level 2. As we had to spend long time together, we were having interesting chat with each other on whatsapp and facebook messenger.. I was shocked to hear that by the age of 23 she had two kids and was 25 and still I didn’t even think about getting married. So here Rachna Real Visakhapatnam Girl Whatsapp Phone Number. She told me that she was only 14 years old when her parents forced her to marry to a man of age 25.

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Her husband was a complete drunken person and had no sense of responsibility. He married to her for the dowry that she brought with her. Although her parents were going through a hard life, they fulfilled each and every demand of him. Rachna was very unhappy because of this. She wanted to deny at the time of wedding but her mother stopped her to do so as it was the question of her father’s esteem. So she got married. Rachna was a very sensible girl and she had education up to level 8.

Her husband was an illiterate man and having no respect for woman. Despite all this, she spent three years with him. When she became mother of two daughters, she realized that her husband was never going to change himself online. He would humiliate his daughters as he used to humiliate his wife. So, she decided to take her kids to the place where she could provide them a better and a respectful life. So, she came to Mumbai and started working in a shoe factory. It is not easy to live in a Mumbai with hot girls but the determination and hard work can do anything.

Name: Rachna

City:Visakhapatnam India

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