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There is no doubt about the fact that life never remains the same for everyone.it goes on changing and hence it changes the man. Radhika is the 55 years old lady who had been doing the job of maid since her childhood. When she was 18, she got married and have any kind of relationship with everyone. She have whatsapp mobile number and also have a vodafone telecom number. Her husband was the driver of a house because she manage her home. He used to pick and drop the children of that house and used to do similar jobs of that house all day in order to run his own house. Unfortunately, they had no kid but her husband never taunted her for this. They genuinely loved each other.

Jaipur Indian Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Dating

They enjoyed 12 years of married life and one day her husband died due to sudden heart arrest. She went to the house where her husband was doing the job. She was kept there in order to do the household chores to earn money to survive and was also given a servant quarter. She worked with full dedication and honesty. She used to look after the children. All the members of the house used to behave with her nicely. She had been working there for many years. The children were grownup in her hands. Pooja, the daughter of the house, was the creative director of an advertising agency. One day she wanted a mother age model for the saree’s advertisement. She asked her mother to do but she refused then she had a sudden thought of her maid. She insisted her to wear the given saree.

She was surprised to see Radhika looking so gorgeous and elegant. Radhika was very nervous and she constantly used to refuse, but Pooja forced her a lot for doing this. Radhika was finally convinced and she did so well that clients immediately selected her as the new model for their ad and this brought the new sense to the industry. She got the fame and also new ads and also liked by the viewers very much but still she is living with that family and she doesn’t want to leave them as she has many memories of her life with them.

So she don’t thing that whats’s everyone think therefore she love to share her whastapp number for publin boys and men.

Name: Radhika

City: Jaipur

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