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Life has never been a bed of roses for anyone .Every person has to compete with life and struggle hard to become successful. In fact sometimes life teaches a lot to a man, may be its life of you or the life of others. Seema is a girl whose life was full of hardships but she went through so courageously that people think about it and wonders how did she manage. She was born in a small village. She belonged to a poor family which consisted of 10 family members. She had 2 brothers and 6 sisters and her father was a laborer, he also had to work as a barber to meet his family expenditures.

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Seema and her siblings went to the Govt. school for education. She was very serious about her studies. Here Pakistani real call girls mobile numbers for friendship via whatsapp and other social media. She stood first in each class and her teachers were very happy with her results. She wanted to be a doctor by occupation. But her destiny seemed to be quite unexpected as she experienced an awful accident in which she lost her hands. This was the most horrible time for her when she was told about it. She used to see pity for herself in the eyes of others. People looked at her with regret as she was unable to lead her life as she dreamt of it.

At times she felt about herself as the most useless person in this universe, for not being able to help ease the burden off her parent’s shoulders and helping her siblings cope with hardships of life. Many thoughts of despair began to prevail in her mind and were pushing her to the negative brainwaves. It seemed that life had come to an end for her but her parents proved to be the sunshine for her, they brightened her mind and washed all negative thoughts about her by supporting her in every path of life and made it possible for her to live life happily. She started her life with new hopes and new goals.

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She learned to use her feet in place of hands and completed her graduation from college. Now she is giving tutions to her juniors.

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