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Every person faces difficulties and troubles in life but the thing which matters the most is how a person deal with it. A woman seems to be more powerful and passionate these days. She share her whatsapp mobile number for chat online and friendship online internet. When a woman determines to do anything, no one can stop her but the destiny. A strong woman always welcomes each day with new spirits and courage to do anything for her family. She is the selfless creature of Allah Almighty. Shanzay is a young lady who has proved herself as a successful business woman. She got married at the age of 18.Her husband was a sales manager of a mobile company. It was a simple middle class family. She had 3 children 2 daughters and a son.

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Her husband died due to a sudden heart arrest. She enjoyed 12 years of married life. After the death of her spouse, the only question that was revolving in her mind was how she would manage the entire situation. She had no appropriate degree to do a job and expenditure could not be satisfied with the amount she received as pension. That was the time of real despair and helplessness. She was stuck in too many things and she could only see the problems everywhere. She started praying for herself and The Guide of all guided her to a pathway and gave her strength to walk on it fearlessly. She put herself together to deal with the challenges. Personal mobile number is zong telecom mobile company in Pakistan.

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She knew the art of embroidery. She started her work by doing fantastic embroidered cushion covers. She bought some embroidery accessories from her savings that she used to save from the husband’s salary and she walked door to door to sell those covers. She faced many troubles but she never gave up and worked with more dedication. She bought a shop on rent and took orders for wedding embroidered cushion covers, quilts cover and bed sheets.

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Now she has her own shop where several lady workers perform their different tasks and now she is not only able to run her house but she has become the source of running many houses.

Name: Shanzay

City: Gujranwala

Country: Pakistan

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