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Sofia lives in one of the most busy cities of Spain, Barcelona. Sofia is a 29 year old lady who is blessed with exceptional physical features and an attractive body figure. She has short brown colored, silky hair which he usually puts in a pony tail or leaves them open to the world. Sofia has a tall, sleek figure her eyes are in a tone of blue and it looks as if a galaxy of stars resides inside of them. With her rosy cheeks covered in brown freckles and when she smiles deep dimples cuts her cheeks makes her look absolutely adorable.

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Even though Sofia is blessed with the most pretty physical features and most people are impressed by her beauty some people falsely assume that she might be dumb or just another pretty face. Sofia might be gorgeous but at the same time she has an exceptional intelligence level. Sofia’s IQ level has impressed so many people that they start to wonder how a person can be so smart ad yet not look like so. Because of Sofia’s pretty face most people think that she can not be as smart as she is and at times do not take her seriously when she explains a matter to them. But once they come across her intelligence no person can deny it.

Spanish girls being a smart girl since childhood Sofia always had a knack for clever conversations and conniving people to accept what she says without arguing much. Sofia is and always had been a smooth talker, people can easily fall into her conversations. Because of her high intelligence level Sofia became a professional certified lawyer at the age of 21 and has been practicing the law ever since. Sofia is famous across Barcelona as the smartest lawyer in the bar and the one lawyer who has not lost even one case in her entire career.

Moreover, Sofia is the sort of lawyer that other lawyers are afraid of, if the other lawyers gets to know they are fighting against Sofia they settle immediately because they know they will not be able to win an argument against her.

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Name: Sofia

City: Barcelona Spain

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