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Zaida lives in Oman and resides in one of the biggest cities of this country namely Muscat. This country of Oman is a developed state of the Emirates. Being a resident of a large Arabian city Zaida has always seen the best of her life. Zaida belongs to an illustrious family of rich wealthy people, her family is mainly dominated by men of the family. All her life Zaida had never taken no for an answer. Here in this site you can friendship with girls veru easily and Oman Arabic UAE girls are so cute and have friendsly behaviour. Whether it was some random tantrum thrown by Zaida when she was a kid or an actual wish, every word uttered by her was made true by her rich father.

Arab Emmirates Muscat Beautiful Girls Whastapp Number

Zaida is the only daughter of her parents and has a younger disabled brother. Her parents love both their children very much, too much that Zaida is considered as a spoiled brat by her friends and family. Even though Zaida is always preffered by her parents she alwsy remains stubborn and cranky about the petty issues in her life. She stresses over issues that mean nothing to her yet she makes a scene out of it. Sometimes her parents get worried if Zaida had some mental or emotional disorder. Zaida’s parents never wanted to believe that one of their normal child also had some disability. Zaida’s family is not an educated one yet are affluent and lead an opulent lifestyle.

Her parents never convinced Zaida to pursue education, she never completed high school because she said she did not like to study. Just because of this unawareness of disabilities other than physical Zaida’s family never cared or paid attention to Zaida’s rude, stubborn or extremist attitude towards her family, friends and other people in her surroundings. Here you can see real whatsapp girls numbers for friendshio and dating online.

Zaida is currently a 25 year old young, beautiful girl. She has long, jet black hair and has brown hazel eyes like those of a cat. Zaida has been blessed with gorgeous looks that every girl wishes to have yet due to her mental and emotional disorders Zaida is never thankful for what God has blessed her with and keeps complaining on how miserable her life is.



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