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Life is another name of experiences, it is sometimes a double-edged sword for a person and sometimes it is like a bed of roses. It depicts that life changes all the time. The same thing happened to a young girl named Zenaida. Zunaira was the only child of her parents. When she was born, her parents were very happy. They celebrated every event of the life of Zunaira like her name ceremony, birthdays, when she took her first step, when she said mama papa for the first time and her first day of school and so on. It seemed as if this family was the happiest family of the town but it was not like that. Here Pakistani Multan girls whatsapp numbers for real friendship via online and offline.

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There was a lady who lived nearby their house, used to create issues and blow them between her parents. Her parents got separated from each other and finally her mother got a divorce. Zunaira was only 8 years old when she went through this dreadful situation. She was very upset and disturbed. She used to miss her father all the time. Her mother started a job as a lecturer for the better growth and up-bringing of her child. Zunaira too, was trying to forget about the past and live happily with her mother. Zunaira was the brightest student of the school. She used to participate in school’s annual functions.

She was a best performer and the debater of the school. She wanted to become a writer. She wrote her first play at the age of 15 for kids. It was so popular in school that it was published in school magazine. After that she also wrote small stories for kid’s local newspapers. She had the art to write both in Urdu and English. She used her name Twinkle for English plays and Sitara for Urdu novels.

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She has completed her master’s degree now. She has her own publication house where she welcomes new interesting writers with open hands. She also teaches them about how they can make their writing material more effective and valuable because writing has the power to change the minds.

Real Name: Zunaira

City: Multan

Country: Pakistan

Email Address: zunairamultani44@gmail.com

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